We’ve worked for years to perfect a collections process that results in unprecedented recovery from both current and previous tenants. Our in-depth process includes:

  • Reporting of debts to the credit bureaus, which prevents tenants from renting elsewhere until your debt has been paidiStock_000024327216Medium
  • Contact with your tenants to negotiate payment arrangements that minimize the likelihood of default
  • Use of comprehensive, state-of-the-art databases including TransUnion, TLO and Accurint to locate previous residents
  • Persistent follow-up
  • Availability of convenient payment options for the debtor, including credit and debit card services, online payment and in-person payment at our centrally located and easily accessible office

When conventional collection methods are unsuccessful, we leverage our experienced legal staff to work with the local courts and authorities to collect through legal channels such as wage attachment, asset attachment and levies of personal accounts. We will exhaust every option to increase your collections revenue.